Crazy Grapes

Wine has the power to change things, to turn a meal into a tribute, a date into an experience, a grey evening into a party. Under this concept Crazy Grapes are born, with the power to change the most dastardly person into something different and new.

Seriously wine

EGO Bodegas
Crazy Grapes1

Wine has the power to change a situation, a state of mind. Under this concept the Monatrell grapes of Crazy Grapes have the magical power to change people.

A collection of the worst villains in history runs through the wine range. A madhouse to house them all after their reconversion.

Crazy Grapes2
Crazy Grapes3
Crazy Grapes4
Crazy Grapes5

The asylum occupied by the Crazy Grapes shows its dreamlike silhouette on the label of the 6 months aged wine.

Crazy Grapes6
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