Viñas Bastardas

Viñas Bastardas gives its name to a wine that blends two lands, two varieties, two families. Elegant, timeless, resounding and proud.

The union of two territories.

Casa Rojo
Viñas Bastardas1
Viñas Bastardas2

When the canons do not allow the content of a wine to be shown, it is usually decided to omit the information. Casa Rojo’s Viñas Bastardas project aims to proudly show the result of this union, in which censorship acts on the label, but not on its content. This wine exemplifies the union of the two family wineries in a blend that complements and enhances the result.

The split heraldry shows a new form, the fruit of this union. The crossed-out paragraphs show what can and cannot be read.

Viñas Bastardas3
Viñas Bastardas4
Viñas Bastardas5
Viñas Bastardas6
Viñas Bastardas7
Viñas Bastardas8
Viñas Bastardas9
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