ÜBrand 2019

Conceptualization, scenography and artistic direction of the photoshoot for the Ü Brand 2019 collection. Continuing with the concept of the brand, the origami pieces show the polyhedral facets of each one of us and the glasses as a unique complement.

Collection 2019 Origami

Ü Brand Eyewear
ÜBrand 20191

The set for the shoot consists of more than 50 handmade origami and geometric pieces and model styling.

ÜBrand 20192
ÜBrand 20193
ÜBrand 20194
ÜBrand 20195

The brand required movement, nothing static. The product sets needed to look light and should flow, an effect achieved with elements above the compositions.

ÜBrand 20196
ÜBrand 20197

Light is key to highlight textures, transparencies, and reflections.

ÜBrand 20198
ÜBrand 20199
ÜBrand 201910
ÜBrand 201911

Paper in geometry as the only accessory on the bare skin giving the stage to the sunglasses.

ÜBrand 201912
ÜBrand 201913
ÜBrand 201914
ÜBrand 201915
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