The Rendibú arts festival attracts various artistic disciplines through competition for emerging talents. It culminates in an event with performances and awards. With fifteen years of history, it enjoys a prestigious reputation in the cultural and artistic sector. It attracts a broad sample of the culture of an entire city every two years. Now, our task was to communicate the event digitally, with much of the event to be watched on screens.

The show
is about to begin


Rendibú’s original symbol


Rethinking the symbol of the 2020 show

The new digital environment and generational change of the festival audience prompted us to redesign graphic codes and formats for communication purposes. Rendibú needed to speak in a different language to reach a new generation that draws information from new sources.

This year, one or several posters would not do the job. Communication materials were designed for social networks. The internet has become ideation of its own right, marked by the homegrown feel that has democratised graphic design, hyper-information, sensory over-stimulation, and the visual noise typical of this medium. These concepts define the formal foundations of the identity of Rendibú 2020.

The world of art is brimming with curious specimens that tell tales of eccentricity. The search for singularity and differentiation creates disparate profiles driven by fear of indifference. Rejecting everything that hints of normality in the artistic ecosystem creates something reminiscent of a circus freak show. Welcome to Rendibú 2020. The art circus.

The movement puts the characters created for each of the four disciplines of the contest in the context of the circus: short film, music, short story, and photography.

Inspired by some of the mythical costumes created by the Bauhaus school, each figure’s clothing is developed with elements of the discipline. Rendibú becomes a 21st-century, digitised and decontextualised circus.


Press communication pieces

Festival website

Instagram filters

These are short communication pieces for social networks that expand the art circus concept created for this edition of the festival. The pieces refer to different artistic works characterised by the controversy they provoke.

The figures take shape in trophies for each category, which are awarded to the winners at the gala event.

Photos of the event
Curtains awards ceremony

The circus is synonymous with the grotesque, the deformed and strange. The circus shows us strangeness and hyperbole. The identity proposed for this edition, under the concept of the art circus, aspires to stimulate observation of the sector and of the festival itself with something intrinsic to the artistic viewpoint, shades of self-criticism and a sense of humour, revisiting the clichés upon which the world of art and artist are built.

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