Pijo Crisps

Branding y diseño de marca de patatas fritas, que bajo el nombre de Pijo trabajo la paradoja de hacer sofisticado un snack muy popular. Del mismo modo el nombre presenta un significado dual, en el que la ironía se hace espacio.

The popular sophisticated.

Pijo Snacks

The Pijo project was initially conceived with a strictly local customer base in mind. A typically Murcian expression like pijo could have an impact among local consumers, but its use as part of a marketing strategy limited the product’s possibilities to one particular region, representing an obstacle to the brand’s development in the medium term. Our first decision was therefore to delocalise its meaning. By playing on the double meaning of the word, which takes on a whole new significance outside Murcia, we were able to create a more attractive, more elegant concept while retaining a hint of light-heartedness.

Pijo Crisps1
Pijo Crisps2
Pijo Crisps3

The packaging concept was based on superbly styled photography and refined, graceful typeface.

Strategy defined for Patatas Pijo is a clear example of how certain decisions can make a huge difference. Today, Patatas Pijo crisps can be found in shops all over Spain.

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