Luzón Colección

The design of the Luzón Colección wine range proposes a close look at the symbols of the brand, to represent the approach to its vineyards and collection of vines.

Vineyards at a closer look.

Bodegas Luzón
Luzón Colección1

The redesign of the Luzón Colección range, aimed at the specialised and Horeca channels, proposes a macro vision of the range’s identifying symbols. Luzón presents a temporal coherence in the use of these symbols, so the challenge was to find a new way of doing so, without renouncing them, and presenting a new vision of them.

This close-up look symbolises the attention to detail, present in the brand’s values and reflected in this proposal of selected wines.

Luzón Colección2

This design proposes a synthesised but highly expressive expression. The use of bright colours and stamping on printed matter creates a harmony of colours and an attractive palette for the wine collection.

Luzón Colección3
Luzón Colección4
Luzón Colección5

Luzón Colección Roble, the most complex wine of the range, shows this work through the contrast of textures, in which stone and gold coexist in the proposal.

Luzón Colección6
Luzón Colección7
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