La Marimorena 2016

One more year, Albariño La Marimorena covers its label for the new edition. The challenge of the briefing for the design of this vintage was to sophisticate and raise the tone of communication without losing its personality. The illustration of the fish involves taking a look back at the classic illustrations of the old nature and botany cards, adding a good dose of emotionality to this visual code.

Albariño, Rias Baixas

Bodegas Casa Rojo
La Marimorena 20161

The design brief for this Albariño wine was to sophisticate and raise the product’s communicative tone while retaining its personality. The fish on the label is a throwback to classic illustrations of plants and animals, but here a fair degree of sentimentality is added to that visual code. The result is a delicate yet powerful label design, a harmonious combination of colours on a cotton paper background that exudes elegance with every vibrant heartbeat.

La Marimorena 20162
La Marimorena 20163
La Marimorena 20164

The thermosensitive ink acts as an indicator of the consumption temperature, in addition to enriching the experience. The design result of this label is delicate as well as powerful. A harmony of colors on a cotton paper that breathes elegance and timelessness.

La Marimorena 20165
La Marimorena 20166
La Marimorena 20167
La Marimorena 20168
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