Hungry Monkey

Healthy but never boring food. The most delicious natural fruit bars for humans and monkeys. Our Hungry Monkey desperately tries to reach the fruits by all means, fresh and delicious.

The unexpected fruit

Food Forward
Hungry Monkey1

Vegan and healthy but never boring food. The most delicious natural fruit for humans and monkeys. A playful brand in which our hungry monkey goes through a series of unfortunate misadventures to get fresh fruit.

In each reference the illustrations, almost in the form of doodles, narrate a new vignette of misadventures and convey the warmth of simple emotions, for a dynamic and fun result.

Hungry Monkey2
Hungry Monkey3
Hungry Monkey4
Hungry Monkey5

The brand conveys naturalness without being boring, to make healthy snacks an emotional experience that connects with the young, young-at-heart audience. A soft colour palette helps differentiate the fruit variants.

Hungry Monkey6
Hungry Monkey7

Unstructured typography builds the logo and messages that play with gestural and animated illustrations to shape the brand personality of the Hungry Monkey.

Hungry Monkey8
Hungry Monkey9
Hungry Monkey10
Hungry Monkey11
Hungry Monkey12
Hungry Monkey13
Hungry Monkey14
Hungry Monkey15
Hungry Monkey16
Hungry Monkey17
Hungry Monkey18
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