Cydonia Labyrinth

An enigmatic name that brings to mind a region on the planet Mars. A strange land surrounded by a culture of pareidolia, speculation and enigmas. An enchanting topic for a Godello.

Martian Labyrinth

Cydonia Labyrinth1

Galicia is a land of witches, wizards, and spells, which tastes of Atlantic fruit. A journey to the labyrinth of Cydonia, a Martian region marked by a set of images that scientists call pareidolias, cloaked in conspiracy theories involving ancient civilizations.

Cydonia Labyrinth2

Landmarks like a face, a square, cliffs, and even a city with its pyramid seem to dwell on this great plateau on Mars, appearing and disappearing with the sunlight that shines on its surface. The design behaves similarly, with brush strokes in relief that form of an enigmatic astral letter.

Cydonia Labyrinth3
Cydonia Labyrinth4
Cydonia Labyrinth5
Cydonia Labyrinth6
Cydonia Labyrinth7
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