Cava Faustino

The Faustino brand is currently undergoing a complete restyling of its whole extensive range of wines. Part of this process involved updating and integrating the company’s family of cavas into the new range. It was also necessary to raise this product’s final perceived value, since in terms of production and quality it is comparable to champagne. The design proposed for the Faustino range of cavas was created by taking the brand’s most distinguishing elements, decomposing them and then reconstructing them in a new form.

Updating from respect the symbols of a classic brand.

Cava Faustino1

The use of the same elements contributed to easier brand recognition and integration into the new range. The colours used were deliberately chosen to contrast with those conventionally associated with this type of product.

Cava Faustino2
Cava Faustino3

This colourful design infuses Faustino’s range of sparkling wines with subtly glittering light effects.

Cava Faustino4
Cava Faustino5
Cava Faustino6
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