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Baltus Catalogue

The Soft Baltus catalog contains a collection generously proportioned and very clean lines, where elegance is very present. A photograph in which the furniture can breath and a layout without limits, makes a catalog that is almost a collection.
The technical catalog is a project very similar to the main one. It is a print in hexachrome to do justice to the details and the paper which have a velvety touch to add the project.

Catalog, set design and photography

Catálogo Baltus1

A work tool that brings together the firm’s furniture design universe in one manageable piece.

Catálogo Baltus2
Catálogo Baltus3
Catálogo Baltus4
Catálogo Baltus5

The greatest complexity of the project was the photography work. Large furniture required wide and neutral settings, which would accompany without adding noise.

Catálogo Baltus6
Catálogo Baltus7
Catálogo Baltus8
Catálogo Baltus9
Catálogo Baltus10
Catálogo Baltus11
Catálogo Baltus12
Catálogo Baltus13
Catálogo Baltus14
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