Casal Garcia

Rebranding of a historic vinho verde brand. For almost 90 years the brand has been faithful to its original concept, the lace of a crystalline handkerchief and the family coat of arms.

The story of a brand.

Casal Garcia1

This redesign is an exercise in deep respect for Casal Garcia’s identity elements, in which the lace weave dresses a background of intense colours. We have recovered the most original forms of the scarf represented, but ensuring the improvement of contrasts and hierarchy of the elements.

Casal Garcia2
Casal Garcia3

The coat of arms evolves in a subtle way, preserving the essence and personality, but allowing an improvement in the reduction and application of the finishes.

Casal Garcia4
Casal Garcia5

Colour intensity is another anchor point of the range, which carries joy as its essence. The colour blocks are highly salient and recognisable on the shelf.

Casal Garcia6
Casal Garcia7

The same behaviour is reflected in the range’s sangrias, which add fruit to emphasise the fresh and sweet aspect of the wine.

Casal Garcia8
Casal Garcia9
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