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El Corte Inglés Coffe

A family of compostable coffee capsules that suggests a world of aroma and sensations through harmonies of color and geometries.

geometry and color

El Corte Inglés
Café El Corte Inglés1
Café El Corte Inglés2

Circles combined in color and reliefs create an elegant atmosphere, which in the case of origin coffees transports you subtly to coffee plantations that descend slopes. Each box contains small capsules combined according to the variety in colors that almost look like chocolates and stimulate pleasure at the moment of consumption.

Café El Corte Inglés3
Café El Corte Inglés4
Café El Corte Inglés5

The capsules of this family of coffee are also compostable. Gradients simulate material decomposing into shapes and colors, for a new life.

Café El Corte Inglés6
Café El Corte Inglés7
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