The Invisible Man 2013

Showing an invisible man as an illustration can be challenging. The denomination of the origin of La Rioja is a classic for Red House, which determines a certain style. Our design for the wine label should be cinematic, elegant and detailed.

On the other hand we could not forget that he was a member of the The Wine Gurus family, so we had to add spice. A gentleman moving, gliding smoothly on a stylish long wooden board made out of a barrel.

The Invisible Man is a modern dandy, where elegance is not at odds with the boldness, nobility with a certain touch of narcissism. A search for the a stylish surprise with different contrasts.


Winning project
2015 selection Anuaria the best packaging.
CLAP Selecting the best package or set of packages.


You can take a look at the design of the vintage 2014.


Project: Design wine label, packaging, illustration, photography.
Client: casa Rojo