Gourmet Selection Patatas Rubio

The design of the bag for the Gourmet line of Patatas Rubio was a challenge to represent, a concept that would show the products flavors that each had its own personality. It was a line that could change and grow. With traditional flavors like olive oil, or paprika de la Vega, and exotic flavors like Himalayan Pink Salt.

What could a truffle from the Mediterranean forest of and the rugged peaks if the Asian mountain range have in common? The trip… the concept of the design defends the beauty of the landscape of each place, extending the sense of sight to scent of Patatas Rubio Gourmet Selection. A collection of packaging that complements the supermarket shelf. A bag that transmits exoticism, elegance and serenity. Because a gourmet product takes time, to be conceived, designed, cooked and of course… tasted.


Project: Design of a product line, Graphic Design.
Client: Patatas Rubio.