Concept and branding design for a range of wines aimed at a young audience or people with a limited knowledge of wine. The focus isn’t on the wine itself, but rather on the experience and the context in which it happens.


The world of wine is very ceremonial. Sometimes, choosing a bottle to enjoy during a social event can be awkward for those still learning or not familiar with it. This project intends to reduce the feeling of responsibility when choosing wine to allow people to enjoy the moment without feeling out of place.


This brand will not focus on speaking about itself. If we find ourselves at a social event which revolves around a bottle of wine but the conversation is not about wine, what could it be about?

The design for Round Table wines is a proposal focused on the consumer and their topics of interest: diverse, controversial or simply entertaining. The consumer brings their own content into the brand, generating their own perspective of the world around them. Each bottle suggests a random conversation topic, shifting the product’s focus and allowing the consumer to take centre stage, sitting at the table and taking part in the discussion.