Santaren Spiced Rum


Santaren is the result of the silent, dark, patient maceration of plants and spices. A delicately spiced gourmet rum, it represents the coming together of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the River Demerara. In this project, the clear objective was to make the design eminently original, to endow the bottle with all the elegance, personality and refinement of the liquid it contains – a liquid serenely distilled, full of feeling and history. The graphic approach for the label was classical, employing engraving techniques to create an image on heavily textured cotton paper. Ornamental typeface, luxurious detail and biblical symbols were incorporated to narrate the martyrdom of Saint Irene of Thessalonica, a young virgin put to death for hiding the Holy Scriptures.


A refined, elegant design. A delightful project.

Project: Packaging design, graphic design.
Client: Santaren
Concept: Miguel Ángel del Baño, Beatriz Suárez
Graphic Design: Miguel Ángel del Baño
Illustration: Borja Torres, Miguel Ángel del Baño