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Gazpacho Collados

When you begin to develop a project for a line of gazpacho the first thing you notice is the great similarity in the other lines the supermarkets in this type of product. All of the packaging are basically identical.

We received the inquiry from The Collados Group to make a line of packaging of gazpacho made out of fruit …, fruit is something different from the usual, so we can make the product stand out and make it “shine” in store with others.

The recipe for a fruit gazpacho combines tradition and creativity, our design had to reflect both. The Collados Group is an elegant business. Without looking sophisticated the design should transmit it.

From the first sketches in water colors until the final project the design smelt like fruit, like strawberries, mangos and cherries. A refined design and fonts with a retro touch do the rest. A recipe from Grandma mixed with the creative cuisine from today. A delicious packaging. A gourmet product..


Desde los primeros bocetos en tempera hasta el proyecto final el diseño huele a fruta. A fresas, a mango y a cerezas. Un entorno depurado y tipografías con un toque retro hacen el resto. Una receta de la abuela, con la cocina creativa de hoy. Un packaging delicioso. Un producto gourmet.


Project: Design of packaging, packaging, illustration, graphic design, photography.
Client: Grupo Collados