Picglaze Sample Book Catalogue

Picglaze prints photos, but finishes them with something out of the ordinary. They print on versatile and different materials, with the rigidity of the formats as a main element. The challenge was to make the most of these qualities. Since the materials are rigid they can be sustained and form a composition. As such a sculpture with different colors and thicknesses. The design, it is a vertical composition with different levels, different artwork and illustrations, which are placed in layers, cut out differently making themselves a new picture or photo.


Designers achieved to create a volume illustration or photography, composed by different layers that create a landscape or new picture in the composed form. Inspired in futurism illustrated posters for the illustrations and films for the face composed.


Customers of Picglaze can access to different possibilities for their printings by touching the elements themselves. The strongest point of the product is its appearance, how it feels, the first impression when you see it. The design take advantage of these qualities and show them right from the start. Nothing like briefcases or boxes with pieces of material, not just a succession of printed photographs to represent the collection.


C Photography professionals use this display to show clients the wide range of materials where they can print their photos. The piece is a decorative object that looks pretty on the point of sale of any studio of photography. This is a plus of usability and experience. It is easy to choose this display over its competitors. It stands out,  as others  work in more conventional and rigid formats.


Awarded Project:

A’Design Award, Platinum in Graphics and Visual Communication Design

Anuaria Graphic Design Awards 2016, Gold Best PLV
CLAP, Platinum Best Graphic Design


Project: Product Design, PLV, Creativity, Illustration, Photography.
Cliente: Picglaze
Concept: Beatriz Suárez, Miguel Ángel del Baño y Adrián Marzal
Graphic Design: Miguel Angel del Baño, Adrián Marzal,
Assistant Designer: Esmeralda Fernández
Ilustración: Miguel Ángel del Baño