Maquinon 2015

Maquinon already had an identity: a small smoking robot from the 1960s. Back then it was considered powerful and robust, a touch unsettling, with a bit of smoke coming out of its mouth.


The tasting notes of the wine spoke about a clean and bright red. Our intention was to design a packaging full of light, colour and rythm. The idea was to refresh a wine from the Priorato denomination of origin, so full of peculiar personality.


A vibrant design, just like the wine’s tasting notes. Impossible to overlook.


Awarded Project:

A’Design Award, Bronze in Packaging Design.

53775-logo-big copia

Project: Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Client: Bodegas Casa Rojo
Graphic Design: Miguel Ángel del Baño
Illustration: Miguel Ángel del Baño