Manners Gin


The thing about gin is that is can be drunk in such very different circumstances – during the day, when relaxing after lunch, or at night, amid the noise of the disco. The desire to create a gin that would be equally popular in such different situations was a decisive factor in the decision to develop a new brand.


The packaging of Gin Manners was designed as an all-inclusive project encompassing brand concept, naming, choice of container and graphic presentation – and always with a strategic perspective of the final product’s market positioning.


The whole brand, imbued with the London origins of its recipe and inspired by the popular elements of British culture, projects an image midway between the two extremes of strict formality and rebellion against all established order. And that conflict in British society is epitomised in a label that changes to reveal its wildest face when night falls.

Project: Packaging design, graphic design, naming.
Client: Destilerías Bernal
Concept & Graphic Design: Manel Quílez
Creative Assistant: Adrián Marzal, Beatríz Suárez, Miguel Ángel del Baño
Naming: Manel Quílez, Adrián Marzal, Beatríz Suárez, Miguel Ángel del Baño