Patatas Rubio Extraordinarias Range

A new range of flavours from Patatas Rubio is no run-of-the-mill affair. The company is continuously innovating with new aromas and combinations to be able to offer something different and delicious. And this new flavour packed range is truly out of the ordinary. Rubio’s Extraordinarias are a collection of drawn figures, each one with its own particular qualities associated with the explosion of flavour inside the bag. The carefully designed figures and illustrations highlight the product’s properties, and together constitute an aesthetically attractive collection full of fun. A truly mouth-watering packaging design experience.

Project: Packaging Design, Graphic Design.
Client: Patatas Rubio
Concept: Adrián Marzal, Miguel Ángel del Baño, Beatriz Suárez, Enrique Guillamón
Illustration: Enrique Guillamón
Graphic Design: Adrián Marzal