Catalogue Marjal

The world of real estate development was of course not unknown for us. A customer like Marjal, which focuses on the design of all of its work and how it communicates, is a joy. Marjal designs and develops luxury homes. Their projects have a characteristic architecture and interior designs. Light is a very important element for them.

The design of the Marjal Catalog, signature Properties, approaches an editorial layout, in a very refined way. The idea was to design a book, beyond a catalog, which would transmit the essence of the projects. The art direction of the photography was an essential part of the project. A spectacular home requires treatment and also a spectacular image. The attrezzo selects carefully to make homes look like they are “lived in” in an approach to photographs in decorating magazines, clearly fleeing from them to seem like mere “first floor flats”.

The choice of the papers, touch, the purity of warm whites, textures, form a chapter of design itself. A selection of two papers Fredigoni gave us a magnificent finish. The result is wonderful, like the homes and their surrounding space …


Project: Catalog design, art direction, photography.
Client: Marjal