The Wine Guru App

The Wine Gurus range of Bodegas Casa Rojo is a selection of wines from the most contrasted places in Spain. These great wines also have a high burden of design and innovation that gives them an added key to its success value, this is one of the things that makes Bodegas Casa Rojo different.

Following the idea of differentiation and innovation, we wanted to bring the wine to everyone, give them the opportunity to play with it, to generate some noise and go viral with the material according to the character of the Wine Gurus, spicy, hooligan and addictive.

An App that recognizes the bottle before it, “hunting” the character and gives it life, could make sense. The label design lends it, since all of them are full of life, with characters illustrated with their own distinctive personality. A totally fun environment to invite the customer to complete the collection, to continue exploring it. Meaning that trying them all will not be enough.

We should not play with wine… or should we?

Project: Design and development app, illustration, animation.
Client: Casa Rojo

Puedes descargarte la App para descubrirlos a todos…