Alexander vs. The Ham Factory 2012

The design wine label O.D. Ribera del Duero Red House was a challenge and a responsibility. We wanted to keep a current touch and a sensation of “rogue” of a Wine Guru, but doing justice to the characteristics of a classic name and origin, surrounded by prestige and sobriety.

The concept was a task to narrate his true story. The story of the wine came out of four winemakers, led by Jose Luis Gomez, we wanted to show all the character of a Ribera del Duero, but with a captive personality. One abandoning of them leaves the project supported by three winemakers, three “legs”. The vine yard where Alexander is produced, was an old slaughterhouse. With this information we began to germinate a great idea. We had the main three points. A pig slaughterhouse, a project that loses one of its legs. Some survivors who decide to gamble and move on. Alexander was born. He makes his missing leg his most particular characteristic.

We had a limping pig, with one missing leg. We needed a style that would add to the Wine Guru but without shouting out too much. A steam Punk style works like a miracle. Alexander vs. The Ham Factory is a brave, smart and full of detail. His lost leg is a metal gear, gold plated, with texture and many details. The delicate illustration results in a label full style, a capsule with all the personality and recognizable.

The design of Alexander vs. The Ham Factory won the Gold Anuaria Award for the Best Packaging of 2015. We are a young design studio, it was our first time, so it will always be a very important part of our hearts. Somehow the design of this label has left us footprints in our hearts.


2015 Golden Anuaria the best packaging
CLAP selection 2015 to better package or set of packages.


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Project: Design wine label, packaging, illustration, photography.
Client: Casa Rojo